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Application for BillyMiller - Protection Warrior Empty Application for BillyMiller - Protection Warrior

Post  Billymiller on Thu Oct 02, 2008 5:37 pm

Character Name: My ingame character name is BillyMiller

Age: I am 21 years old.

Gender: Male

Is English your first language (you'd be suprised)?: Yes, Engrish is my first language.

Class: Warrior

Race: Dwarf


Professions: I am a 375 engineer (engineer in RL also Smile) and 375 mining.

Talent spec (If you are not currently PVE specced please use Wowhead for what would be your spec):
My current spec is 8/5/48. I place 8 points in arms in order to pick up deflection as well as improved thuderclap. Improved thunderclap is important for AOE tanking for a prot warrior which is why i put 3 points into it. I place 5 points into fury to get cruelty which helps greatly with threat generation since prot gear is typically lacking in dps stats that increase threat. The other 48 points go into the protection tree to pick up all of the tanking talents that are needed for raids. This spec is my typical raid spec and I have been able to generate a significant amount of threat without becomming rage starved in a raid instance. There are other tank specs that I prefer for 10mans and heroics, but for raids I typically stick to 8/5/48.

How stable is your internect connection on a scale of 1-10:
I have never once been DCd since I started playing wow. I would rate my connection as a 10.

Will you be willing to respec for the good of the guild? :
Absolutely, if the guild needs me to play a different role on different occasions I am open to it.

Who do you know from Into the Void?:
I am new to this server and would love to get to know some people from this guild as well as other guilds on the server.

What previous guilds where you in? Why are you no longer in those guilds?:
Before transferring to bleeding hollow, I was in a guild called Ellipsis on Demonsoul server. The guild was at 4/9 in BT when it disbanded due to lack of progression. I was an OT for this guild, however I was only guilded with them for approximately 2 months before the disband. In that time I got to experience 3/9 bosses in BT, and 2/5 in Hyjal.

What is your /played time?:
43 days of my life wasted.....

Do you have your flying mount?:
I have my flying mount but have not purchased an epic flying mount.

Are you attuned to Karazhan?: I never completed the attunement once it was no longer required.

Are you attuned to Hyjal Summit?: No

Are you attuned to Black Temple?: No

Are you keyed for all the Heroic Dungeons?: Yes

We raid Tues-Thurs and Sunday from 7 p.m. til 12. Will you be able to maintain 80%+ attendance?:
My raid times are as follows:
Sunday 8:15pm - Midnight
Monday 7pm - midnight
tueday 6pm-midnight
wednesday 9:15pm - midnight
thursday 6pm - midnight
friday typically unavailable
saturday all day

Prior raid experience?:
I have personally cleared Kara, Gruul, Mag, 3/6 SSC, 2/5 Hyjal, 3/9 BT

Any resistance:I am currently working for a shadow resist set and other sets.

Can you use both Teamspeak and Ventrilo?: I have ventrillo, i can download teamspeak if needed.

Do you have a working microphone?: I have a high quality Shure SM57 microphone.

Link to your Armory:

Why do you feel you would be a good addition to the guild?:
I am a skilled tank and a quick learner. I pay attention to directions and do not screw around or show up late or unprepared to raids. I enjoy having fun and am willing to do any work necessary to progress. I am always open to suggestions from other experienced players and I feel that this is an important asset to a raider. Some raiders think that they know it all, but the best raiders are the ones that are open to different methods and are able to adapt their play style for different situations. I feel that I would be an excellent addition to this guild because I am willing to do what is needed to progress and I love to have fun.

What is your unbuffed Hit Points?:15704 in stam gear
What is your unbuffed Spirit?: 50
What is your unbuffed Attack Power?: 632 in raid tank gear. For heroics I typically use a different set to generate higher threat by using some DPS gear.
What is your unbuffed Crit Chance?: 14.38% in raid tank gear.
What is your unbuffed Hit Chance?: 5.64% in raid tank gear.
What is your unbuffed Dodge Chance?: 24.32% in typical tank gear. Can be increased if desired with different gear.
What is your unbuffed Parry Chance?: 17.35%
What is your unbuffed Block Chance?:16.12%
What is your Defense?: 503

Thank you for taking the time to read this application and I hope that you will consider me for this guild.


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Application for BillyMiller - Protection Warrior Empty Re: Application for BillyMiller - Protection Warrior

Post  Marlyn on Wed Oct 08, 2008 1:07 pm

Please message Xues or Sanpan in game.


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